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                                                    FACE  POWDER

The function of  face powder is to impact a  smooth finish to the  skin,masking minor visible imperfections any shine due to  moisture or grease either from perspiration or from preparation used on the skin.The object appears to make the skin look as though it would be pleasant to touch.When finish,it most posses reasonable lasting properties to avoid the need for frequent re-powdering,i.e. It must adhere to the skin and be  reasonable resistant to the mixed secretion or the skin.Finally contact of perfume laden particles over a warm and relatively large area.


Deodrant  and anti-perspirant are two distinct products,which differ in their actions.There is a tendency for the two terms to be confusing and to refer to  all  product as deodorant.

A deodorant is a product,which contains germicide to prevent the   bacteriological breakdown of sweat into unpleasant smelling substance.An anti-perspirant is a product which reduces sweating rate.A number of anti-perspirant contains germicides and therefore have deodorant properties.

The formulation  of purely deodorant compostion is relatively easy,as the only active material required is a small amount of an anti-bacterial compound in a suitable base.Plastic squeeze pack spray deodorants are  normally water solution of ethyl alcohol, a germicide and perfume.

                                                                    AFTER   SHAVE

Like  many other toiletries, after shave  preparations are available in  lotion, creams and powder forms.Lotions are invariable the most popular while after- shave creams are probably the least.The main purpose of  after-shave preparation is to  confer  a pleasant feeling of comfort and well being after shaving.

This is achieved  by such means as  given a  slight coolness anaesthesia,tautness or emolliency to  the skin.At the same time it is an important function that the  preparation should be antiseptic and help  to keep the skin free from bacteria infection during the   short time it takes to recover from the slight degree of injury inflicted during shaving operation.


The tooth is essentially like a stone made up of calcium carbonate hydroxyl phosphate.This structure is ready attacked  by acid.Since the decay of some food particles produced acids  and since bacteria converts plaque, a deposit of dextrins,to acids.It is important to keep teeth clean and free from prolonged contact with acids if the hard,stone-like enamel is to be preserved.It is reasonable to consider the basic  requirements.First we require cleanser capable of removing a high adherent film from a  hard surface without scratching the substrate(tooth).Furthermore,this effect must be achieved in short time and at low  temperature .This can only be met in a combination of active detergent and mild  abrasive which leads to the simplest possible formula for tooth paste.

To meet the second requirement,the detergent must not be unpleasant to taste and a suitable flavor is required in addition to other ingredients.


Disinfection has been defined as  :

  1. Killing or inactivating all diseases- causing organisms by chemical agents or physical procedures.
  2. Removing or destroying pathogenic micro-organisms
  3. Killing or irreversibly inactiving all  causative agents of transmissible diseases.


Disinfectants destroy or irreversibly inactive infectious or other undesirable bacterial,pathogenic fungi or viruses on surfaces or inanimate objects.Agents for application to living tissues are referred to, as  antiseptic.Common to all definitions is the fact that disinfection is directed only against organisms that are  considered harmful.

Distinction should be made among disinfectant,sterilization and preservation.Sterilization refers to the complete destruction or irreversible inactivation of all micro-organism.Preservation is aimed at inhibiting multiplication of  micro-organisms in  materials that are likely to spoil,with activity extending over a  relatively longer period.Sanitation is a term frequently used in English-speaking countries that refers to a disinfection procedure aimed at all micro-organism, undesirable and otherwise.

Disinfectant formulation generally must contain a combination  of active ingredients to satisfy not only users demands,but also the appropriate test procedure.In addition,additives,must be  incorporated to achieve good skin tolerance,material compatibility,cleaning  powder and other goals.



Here, in this part of the world certain weather conditions can be very inconveniencing and even uncomfortable.The harmattan season for example is  associated with very harsh weather  condition.In its extreme,it spells very bad  effect as  cracking of skins and lips.

Fortunately,we have these good products to  rely on  for protection against the weather harshness on our skins.The jeleen is therefore formulated  to protect and nourish the skin especially the scaly type.It does  this function by leaving a thin  film on the skin thereby preventing it from direct contact with harmattan wind or any cold wind.


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