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1.Body lotion

2.Body cream

3. Hair Cream

4. Hair Conditioner

5. Styling Gels

6. Relaxes

7. Shampoo

8. Glycerin and rose water



Body  lotion is a carefully designed formula intended to  give fragrance,nourishment and  freshness  to the  skin.The formulation of any  given lotion depends on the manufacture.Some contain active ingredients which function  to  tone or  lighten the  skin. Others are  formulation  to cure  pimples,eczema,ringworm, and other skin diseases.On the  whole the basic object of any lotion  formulation  is to give  freshness and  protect the skin against  all  sort  of infection.

Body lotion usually exists in  slightly thick,viscous state. It appears in various  colours depending on the  chemicals employed in the formulation.


Cream is a carefully formulated product manufactured to treat, nourish, enliven an keep  the body refreshing aglow.The formation of a given cream and its function depends very much on the  manufacturing  company or individual.Some cream contain active ingredient which bleach or tone the skin.


Cream are  protected to give  fragrance and freshness to  your skin and promote healthly and  love  appearance.Some are  manufactured to  treat pimples, some to keep and maintain the  tone or complexion of the skin.To produce cream below are apparatus needed for the production.

                                                                      HAIR CREAM


This is a brand of cosmestics that is  essentially formulated for lubricating and protecting the hair.The necessary ingredients include petroleum and other natural products.It must be  emphasized here that active ingredients need not be added since the hair is not susceptible to the attack of micro-organisms.


Hair conditioner which is in lotion form (emulsion) is one of the hair treatments that is applied to the  hair after washing the hair with shampoo.In other words it  acts as ‘food’ to the hair.It makes the  hair soft,healthy and stops breakage.When applied to the hair, it is left for some time  so as to achieve the desired result (few minutes) before it is wasted with ordinary water.


There are 2 types of gels: the micro-gels,which are reading transparaent oil in water emulsion in which the oil  droplets are so small  that the emulsion appears clear and the true gels which are based on the use of aqueous polyethylene glycol solution in  conjunction with cellulosic thickener.

The  advantage of the  micro gel is that they are  miscible with water and feel much less greasy than conventional  cream.


This is a conmetic preparation that is expected to  soften the hair so that it can be styled or arranged in different ways.There are  many types being produced these days.The type however,depends on  the desired effects.Examples are Jerry creams otherwise known as chemical re-arrangers, sporting waves cream (texturizing relaxer) and permanent cream relaxer.

In Nigeria,the most common one is the permanent cream relaxer.It is available in  three ranges i.e.Mild,Regular and Super.These are chosen by the users according to their hair and scalp types.

The major difference in the types of relaxers listed above,is the active ingredients used.For instance the active ingredients in the chemicals  re-arranger (Jerry Cream) is thoglicolic acid,that of the texturizing relaxer is Calcium Hydroxide, while that of  permanent relaxer is Sodium hydroxide.

For the purpose of this write up, we will be considering the  permanent relaxer  since it is the most common in the country.


Shampoos are often mixtures of several ingredients designed to satisfy a number or equirements. Condensation products from diethanolamine and lauric acid are  oftern used in addition to soaps.

Shampoos are  essentially deterdents.These are two types of  detergents-soapy and soapless detergent(soapy and non-soapy detergents).Soap detergents or simply soaps are  salts of fatty acids.They are  saponification products of fats and oils. Soapless detergent are also known  as synthetic  detergent because  they are  by synthetically  piecing various parts of the detergents molecule (syndet),otherwise known as  surface active agents (surfactants).All substances which reduce the  surface to tension of water are known as  surfactants,reduction of the surface tension  of water is one the  most important functions of  detergents.Other important functions of detergents are:they help to  dislodge dirt and they dispense dirt particles(i.e. the particles of dirt and grease should disperse and not re-attach  themselves to the  articles while it is being rinsed.

Syntheic detergents used in the shampoo make it  less affected by hard water.Hard water is  water  that  will not from latter  readily with soaps.It contains a numder of  dissolved salts the most important being CaSO4,MgCO3 and Ca(HCO3)2 .This problem has been solved in recent years because of  introduction of detergents which are  not affected by hard water because they from calcium and magnesium salts which are soluble in water.However,most shampoo  formulations contain EDTA to prevent the  calcium and magnesium ions found in hard water from forming insolution precipitates.

All synthetic (soapless) detergents consist of a long oil soluble hydrophobic (literally water- heating) tail and water soluble hydrophilic (water-loving) head.The high solubility of soapless (synthetic) detergents in water is due to the –SO3- Na + group that is present in the molecles.This gives the synthetic detergents advantage over soap.In the case of shampoo,it is  preferable to use anionic detergents instead of cationic one because they are less damaging to the eyes.The tail of anionic  detergents molecules consist  of a long  hydrocarbon chain  but the  head sulphate or sulphonate (more usually the latter) instead of carboxylate.

Note however,that cationic and anionic detergents are not compatible when they are  brought together.Detergent is the basic requirement (active ingredient) of  the shampoo.Other ingredients are  normally added but  this depends in the desired result.This leads us to different types of shampoos.There are conditioning shampoos, Detangling shampoos, Neutralising  shampoos, Bathing shampoo etc. We shall consider the conditioning shampoo for the purpose of this write-up, since it is the  most commonly used and has the formulation as others.

The difference however,are Detangling shampoo  is designed to reduce the  static elasticity between the  hair strands and make the hair easy to comb.Neutralizing shampoo is designed with the  purpose to  neutralize the  alkaline effect of  the  relaxer.It is  used mainly for  washing retouched or relaxer applied hair.Bathing shampoo as the  name implies,is use for bathing.It is therefore  made of  substance that are mild to the skin.Conditioning shampoo only makes the  hair clean  and manageable.

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